The Greatest Story In Sports - Cliff Christl

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The Greatest Story In Sports - Cliff Christl

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This is a four volume set at $89.99 that is only available through the Packers Pro Shop. Christl is a former Wisconsin journalist who is now the Packers' historian.

There are probably far more books on the Packers than any other NFL team. That being said, this is a worthy collection. Christl takes the approach I guess I try to take in my own writing. He digs deep and includes many opinions, his own and those obtained through interviews. Key moments in the franchise history are covered in detail. Other perhaps forgotten moments like Dan Grimm and Steve Wright's tenures as starters for the Lombardi teams are covered too. That being said, there are clearly author's choices here. Christl retains an idiosyncratic voice in a volume of this length, and as a Packer fan, reader, and writer, I still find room to mentally argue with Christl about whether this or that event should have been covered. I think that's a good thing. Recommended.
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Re: The Greatest Story In Sports - Cliff Christl

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Agree 100%. A straight historical narrative would have been boring and redundant. I bought the set expecting Christl to not only tell the stories, but to also include his own perspectives. After all, he was there, at least from the early '70s onward. He's earned his opinions.
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