The World's Greatest Pro Gridiron Team

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The World's Greatest Pro Gridiron Team

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"The World's Greatest Pro Gridiron Team." It's a dramatic title, I know. This is what was said 120 years ago while the 1903 Franklin All-Stars, the subject of a couple of old Coffin Corner articles from four decades ago, in the local fish wraps. I found the story interesting as Franklin is about an hour from where I live so I looked into it further. I was so floored with what I found out by combing the archives at the town Historical Society and old newspapers, that I think the title of World's Greatest Pro Gridiron Team still stands, as they accomplished things that the '48 Browns, and '72 Dolphins did in mainstream Pro football and then some, never to be repeated again. The book is released on eBook now on Amazon and paper copies will be out Nov 18, 2023 on Amazon. For more info go to Please let me know what you think.
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Re: The World's Greatest Pro Gridiron Team

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I just purchased a copy. Looking forward to reading it!
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