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August 3, 2019
AAFC Scoresheets
PFRA is happy to announce that we have added the All-America Football Conference's offical scoresheets to our collection of historical documents. Included in these files is the scoresheet for every game from the 1946, 1947 and 1949 seasons.
This unqiue collection is available to Members Only.

July 25, 2019
NFL Gamebooks
We have added a significant number of new gamebooks to our collection of NFL gamebooks.
Our holdings are now complete back to the 1996 season and we now have 12134 of the 12847 regular season and playoffs games played by the NFL and the AFL since 1960.
This amazing treasure trove of NFL history is available to Members Only.

July 18, 2019
United Football League
Gamebooks for the 2009-12 United Football Football League.
Available to Members Only

July 16, 2019
2020 PFRA Convention
The bi-annual PFRA meeting will be held at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, June 18-21.
Additional details about hotel accomodations and speakers to come in the following weeks.

July 14, 2019
World Football League
Game summaries, milestones and transactions for the World Football League.
Available to Members Only

July 5, 2019
Player Profile: Ox Emerson
The third in a series of articles profiling players throughout NFL history.

July 4, 2019
Player Profile: Al Wistert
The second in a series of articles profiling players throughout NFL history.

June 30, 2019
Player Profile: Lavvie Dilweg
The first in a series of articles profiling players throughout NFL history.

This month's Coffin Corner

June 25, 2019
The new issue of The Coffin Corner
Volume 41, Number 3
Available to Members Only

PFRA-ternizing. An update on the candidates and deadlines for PFRA elective offices in 2019, the official announcement of the weekend of June 18–21, 2020 for the PFRA Convention in Canton next year and birthday wishes for the PFRA at 40.

Official 2019 Hall of the Very Good Ballot. Note that the deadline for voting is October 31, 2019.

Present at the Creation: An Interview with Joe Horrigan on the Founding of the PFRA by Ken Crippen. The retiring executive director of the Pro Football Hall of Fame speaks on the founding of the organization and his memories of those early days of the PFRA and those who were at that first meeting in Canton, Ohio.

The Battle of the Decade: The 40th Anniversary of Super Bowl XIII by J. Brian Ross. A look back at the 1979 Cowboys vs. Steelers rematch of Super Bowl X that would become the most-watched sporting event in television history at the time and a key moment in deciding the NFL team of the Seventies.

The Modern Stadium Explosion: From the 1960s to the Present by Patrick Gallivan. A brief history of the era of multi-purpose and football stadium construction that began with the Houston Astrodome in 1965 and including the NFL stadiums that opened in the 1960s.

April 27, 2019
The First Issue of The Coffin Corner
In celebrating the 40th anniversary of the founding of PFRA, we take a look back at the first issue of "The Coffin Corner."
Full Issue

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1958 Baltimore Colts

The 1966 Green Bay Packers

The All-America Football Conference

2020 Convention
June 18-21, 2020
Pro Football Hall of Fame
Canton, Ohio